System of State support

A unified system of the investment activities’ state support has been developed in the Republic of Komi. It was adopted by enactments defining legal, organizational and economic basis of the investment activities in the region. The Law of the Republic of Komi “On the Investment Activities in the Republic of Komi” is the main law regulating the terms of facilitating investments in the republic.

The efficient mechanisms of investments in the economy of the Republic of Komi include

A complete list of state support forms under the Republic of Komi legal regulation is represented in the booklet.

A Catalogue of Investment Projects and Proposals of the Republic of Komi has been prepared to provide information to the partners implementing or planning to implement investments demanding projects in Komi.

Projects originators interested in allocation their projects’ information in the booklet can submit a project summary in the Ministry of Industry, Natural Resources, Energy and Transport of the Republic of Komi (form of a project / proposal investment passport).

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