Сompetition development standard of the Republic of Komi

A competition development standard in the constituents of the Russian Federation has been adopted by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation "On the Adoption of the Competition Development Standard in the Constituents of the Russian Federation" No. 1738-r from September 5, 2015 and represents a framework strategic document. It joins targets, objectives, principles and directions of the work aimed to develop competition in commodity and services markets.

The aim of the standard is

  • to develop a system uniform approach in the activities of RF constituents’ executive bodies, municipal authorities and territorial federal executive authorities in promoting competition between economic entities regarding regional features of economy
  • to facilitate the transparent work of the RF constituents’ executive bodies in implementing efficient measures to promote competition meeting the consumers’ demands in commodity, works and services, as well as the demands of entrepreneurs, citizens and the society
  • to reveal the potential of the Russian Federation economy including research, technological and human potential to stimulate and promote the development, support and protection of small and medium business and to remove administrative barriers

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